Bring the power of Jappix to your website. Build your own mini-chat!

Jappix Mini is an incredible mini-chat for your website.

Lots of people feel frustrated of the available website mini-chats. This is the reason why we made Jappix Mini.

It is really simple to setup and to use. Besides, it was designed to be easy to integrate to every website system, such as Wordpress, SPIP, Dotclear, Drupal, phpBB or a home-made one.

You can consider it as a Facebook chat clone, but technically, it is much better. Yep, it uses the XMPP protocol, so that you can login to a XMPP account, or use it to join a groupchat.

What about having a try of Jappix Mini before you start installing it? Login to Jappix Mini with the tool below!

Jappix Mini - Introduce screenshot


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